The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Its my birthday, blogging birthday that is so I thought I'd better update it today.
My running went out like a damp squib lately. Juggling between work, home, DIY, family time and doing a course meant something was going to get dropped and yes, it was running. I didn't make it to the Fraserburgh half marathon despite what looked like perfect weather conditions.

On a positive note, I have secured a place in the Fling, Cateran and hopefully (fingers crossed) the WHW next year. The places in these races fill fast and it's thanks to another blogger posting the amount of space left in the Fling that I was able to step in and gain an entry. I kept a close watch on the Cateran and entered as soon as it opened, this being one of my favourite races.

With virtually no training done during the last month I needed something to buck things up and that's where Marcothon comes in. It's my first year of participation and what better way to get out and build up some training foundations. Not only am I benefiting from Marcothon, my wife and daughter have decided to give it a go as well, despite being beginner runners. Day four completed and all going well, hopefully we can all keep it going through December. 

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