The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 25 January 2015


Another negative post I'm afraid, The good news is I met the recovery week mileage last week, the bad news is I'm short of this weeks target of 58 miles.  Six miles short, so as I type this I feel I am waving goodbye to the training target mileage as it leaves me behind and disappears over the horizon.

I just can't find the time to clock up the miles and to be honest I'm not enjoying the runs when out.
Saturday morning was a prime example, I'd planned to hit Bennachie for some snowy trails and hill work.  A 3 o'clock appointment meant an early 0800 start for five hours on the hill.  The alarm went off at 0630, did I jump out of bed and head for the hills?  No, I preferred another couple of hours sleep before getting up and running the local roads.  This was okay till I arrived at the track leading to the Braes, it was completely covered in ice.  I should have turned around and run on clear roads but the stubborn streak in me said carry on.  Carry on for five miles of slipping, sliding, scrabbling and generally trying to keep upright and not injure myself.  I completed the run tired, cold, stiff and two miles short of 25.

Today wasn't much better, with 13 miles on the cards I couldn't be bothered.  I dragged myself onto the local roads once again.  It was a tiring run, broken up by one of the worst dog incidents I've had, thankfully I wasn't bitten.

A while back I reported buying the Hoka Rappa Nui trail shoes.  They are a good bit lower than the Mafate I'm used to wearing, so much so they look like "normal" running shoes.  I wasn't too keen on them for a start, I ordered the obligatory Hoka one size bigger and felt they were way too big.  So big they blistered the top of my toes where the shoe folds stepping forward.  I persevered and broke them in, the first time I've had to do this with running shoes.  Sticking with the shoes was worth it, they are now the shoes I grab whether road or trail running, very comfortable with a roomy toe box.

Another purchase lately has been the Suunto Ambit 2s.  The strap broke on my trusty Soleus so it was time for a replacement.  Suunto have a few models out including the 3 and R but I preferred the older 2s.  I'm just getting to grips with it and still have to explore the apps available.  On first use I wasn't too happy, it took an age to find satellite signal, so long I got fed up waiting and started running without GPS.  A couple of miles in, I switched on the GPS once more and it picked up the signal straight away.  I'm happy to report a fast satellite gain signal at all times now, usually taking seconds.

Cold weather is due later in the week, another obstacle in the way of reaching my training target.  Lets see if I can do 58 miles this week.

Week ending 18th - Tues 2, Wed 4, Thurs 4 & 2, Sat 10, Sun 8.  Weekly total 30 miles.
Tues 4, Wed 4 & 4, Fri 4, Sat 23, Sun 13. Weekly total 52 miles.      

Monday, 12 January 2015

Chop it up.

Short, by a measly 4 miles but I'm still short after being determined to reach this weeks target.  All midweek runs were double outings, a desperate attempt to reach the 52 mile weekly total.  With a social outing on Friday evening I did extra miles on Thursday to bring Saturdays 22 miles down to 14.

All went to plan until Saturday afternoon, a PM run due to recovering from the evening before.  Kitted out with a ski jacket, balaclava and two layers I made my way out in sub zero gale force winds.  It was easy on the way out with the wind blowing me along but then I had to turn round and face the weather head on.  With darkness and a blizzard moving in I had no choice but call it a day at 8 miles.

Sunday and family time.  I intended to get up early an complete the required 18 miles but just couldn't get out of the scratcher.  This resulted in a selfish late morning 14 miles before eventually being ready for family time.

This coming week is recovery week, surely I can hit the target this time.

Tues 2 & 2, Wed 4 & 4, Thurs 4 & 10, Sat 8, Sun 14. Weekly total 48 miles.  


Sunday, 4 January 2015


My total mileage last week included a predicted 10 mile run on Sunday, this didn't happen.  Coach put a stop to it saying I should know better and not put in miles with a chesty cough.  Fair enough, I do need reminding now and again so the minimum Marcothon 2 miles it was.  I have edited the post with 38 miles instead of 46.  So why am I blogging this?  I'm not hitting the targets of my training program despite being determined from day one.  I suppose the training program doesn't account for Christmas, New Year, socialising, family time or illness so I'll just have to get into the new year and try to hit the totals.

Last year I was aware of the 2014 in 2014 group.  While not actively taking part I did intend totalling up my miles at the end of the year, all totals are logged on this blog.  With a total of 1728 miles this fell well short of 2014.  I'm not sure if my race plans fit in with 2015 in 2015 but I'm giving it a go and am now part of the group.

Mon 2, Tues 3, Wed 3, Thurs 6, Sat 20, Sun 12.  Weekly total 46 miles.