The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Weeks 1,2 and 3

I've browsed various ultra training programs and settled on the "eRunningGuide" for 100 mile first timers.  The deciding factor was running mostly four days a week rather than my usual five.  I'm not being lazy or shirking the effort required for a WHW race, the total mileage is roughly on par with the Ultra Ladies program.  This one is still based on the weekend back to back method and sometimes Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I figured this program would fit in with a busy work schedule, running mostly at the weekend.  It will leave a midweek evening free where I can concentrate on core strength, either at home or in the gym.

With all this in place, I started off on the back foot with a shortage of miles on the first two weeks. Adverse weather cut short a six miler where ice skates would have been more suitable than running shoes (I don't own a set of spikes), common sense made me return home before I injured myself.         A busy schedule did it's best to upset my plans, succeeding in week two but a 13 mile Saturday and Sunday means this weeks target has been met.

My latest purchase is a pair of Saucony Xodus 6 trail shoes, it's been a long time since I've worn shoes other than Hokas.  With such an aggressive tread, I'll report on these when I get onto some proper trails.

Week ending Jan 10th - Tues 3, Thurs 3, Sat 12.  Weekly total 18 miles.
Week ending Jan 17th - Tues 3, Thurs 3, Sat 15, Sun 3.  Weekly total 24 miles.
Tues 3, Sat 13, Sun 13.  Weekly total 29 miles.

Sunday, 3 January 2016


2015 turned out to be a bit of a roller coaster, both personal and running.  Without a doubt the two running highlights were completion of the Double Cateran and an unexpected 105 miles at the Glenmore 24.  There was a price to pay though, a long recovery was required after the DC110 and a two month injury after the G24 took the wind out of my sails.  The extended recoveries after long ultras were probably caused by under training and a lack of core strength, something I must sort out for 2016.  

I was disappointed to miss the Jedburgh Ultra but enjoyed being part of the team, I'll have to marshal at another race this year.  The Glen Ogle 33 was a pleasant surprise to round off my race events, then it was time for Marcothon, a very easy December run mostly around my local roads.

I joined the group 2015 in 2015 and was on target until the DC110.  Recovery after long races meant I quickly realised 2015 miles was unrealistic, eventually totalling 1329 miles.

I really enjoyed crewing for Richard at the WHW race in June which probably swayed the decision for me to run the WHW rather than DC110 this year.

So here's what is on the go for 2016.

Confirmed entries -
12th March  D33
30th April  Highland Fling
14th May  Cateran 55
18th June  West Highland Way

Probabilities -
Devil o the Highlands (first time)
Speyside Way
Glenmore 24 (on the waiting list)
Jedburgh 3 peaks
Glen Ogle 33

For the past few years I have used the Ultra Ladies 100 mile event training program.  I still have not decided on a training plan as yet, but whatever plan I use, I'll need to be disciplined in doing core strength exercises.

Simmering in the background is still my East to West challenge, it's not gone away but won't be attempted till possibly 2017 which just happens to be when I'm fifty.

So here's to 2016, happy new year everyone, may it be a good one.

November 43 miles.
December 74 miles.