The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Monday, 12 January 2015

Chop it up.

Short, by a measly 4 miles but I'm still short after being determined to reach this weeks target.  All midweek runs were double outings, a desperate attempt to reach the 52 mile weekly total.  With a social outing on Friday evening I did extra miles on Thursday to bring Saturdays 22 miles down to 14.

All went to plan until Saturday afternoon, a PM run due to recovering from the evening before.  Kitted out with a ski jacket, balaclava and two layers I made my way out in sub zero gale force winds.  It was easy on the way out with the wind blowing me along but then I had to turn round and face the weather head on.  With darkness and a blizzard moving in I had no choice but call it a day at 8 miles.

Sunday and family time.  I intended to get up early an complete the required 18 miles but just couldn't get out of the scratcher.  This resulted in a selfish late morning 14 miles before eventually being ready for family time.

This coming week is recovery week, surely I can hit the target this time.

Tues 2 & 2, Wed 4 & 4, Thurs 4 & 10, Sat 8, Sun 14. Weekly total 48 miles.  


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