The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Great Pretender

TUESDAY. Time for another marathon run home from work, on the back of virtually zero training.
HURTING. After 5 miles lungs, back, pelvis and left knee start to complain.
EQUESTRIAN. Slow to a walk past a rider, my luminous WHW top might spook the horse.

DISSUADE. Brain is very negative about the whole idea and try's to chuck a spanner in the works.
EMBROIL. Spirit fights with brain and comes out on top, the run continues.
ENERGY. Has fled after thirteen miles, halfway home at Ellon. It's going to get tough.
RELENTLESS. The ultra shuffle has started on the incline out of Ellon.

RESIST. Phoning coach for a lift, I've decided on an evening marathon and it must be done.
UNWILLING. Body and brain don't want to do the miles and wants to stop, spirit drags them along.
NUTRITION. A double decker and lucozade sport is not sufficient.
NAUGHT. The amount of running up hills.
EXHAUSTED. I'm completely done in when I reach home.
RETURN. To regular running and a training program so I can be an ultra runner again.

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