The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Weeks 22 and 23.

Thought I'd better post an update before the West Highland Way race this weekend.  There's not a lot to report to be honest.  I sacrificed training for quality time, spending the weekends with my family rather than spending hours pounding the trails.

A weekend in Amsterdam gave plenty of places to run and even though I packed running gear I did not venture out at all.  On the other hand we did walk a lot, as you do when on a city break, so if time on feet counts towards training for the WHW then I don't feel so bad.

This past weekend was another one with zero miles.  Eight on Saturday and eight on Sunday was the intention but once again I settled for family time.  A weekend in the camper with a leisurely 8 mile cycle kicked off taper week leaving a couple of three miles leading to the race.

So, after having personal worst times in all races this year, doing the least amount of training I have ever done and having such a leisurely taper, panic will surely set in.  Well it hasn't.  I'm remarkably calm as I type this.  I still have to shop, look out my gear, pack and do a lot of organising but I feel laid back. This doesn't mean I am underestimating the task ahead, I just think I will be able to take things as it comes.

I would like to complete the race in around 30 hours, anything under would be a bonus and I would certainly be delighted with a finish.

I have taken Friday off to rest and prepare before picking up my ever suffering support, "team Chalmers".  I recon we should arrive at Milngavie around 10 o'clock which should be perfect timing to register and calm the nerves.

I have a support runner, Richard whom I supported last year is making his way north.  He will park his car at Fort William before catching the train to Tyndrum and be ready to accompany me from Auchtertyre.  This is much appreciated and shows the WHW spirit, a good turn deserves another.

So here's to the race this weekend, the main aim will be to enjoy ourselves with like minded runners and crew, if I can recreate the feeling and atmosphere I felt at the Cateran then it will be job done.

Week ending 5th June.  Tues 3.  Weekly total 3 miles.
Week ending 12th June.  Tues 3, Fri 3.  Weekly total 6 miles.

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