The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Friday, 23 September 2016

A new local event.

Can't spend too much time on this post as I'm currently trying to get ready for the Marathon de Ben Nevis, and yes, I've left it late to get organised once again.

Last week was the inaugural Hatton to Peterhead 10 mile race.  I spotted this while browsing The Running Shop website where I just happened to click on events.

This race was organised by Peterhead Athletics Club and involved a wee bus run from Peterhead to the start at Hatton, I do like a bus trip to the start of a race.

The weather was perfect, bright and sunny with a brisk following wind.  I haven't run a road race for a long time, probably the Fraserburgh half marathon.  I had no idea what pace to run and forgot to charge my Suunto which didn't help.  I would just have to wing it and try to hit it just right.

I didn't take anything to eat or drink, there was a water station after 5 miles.

We walked to the start on the outskirts of Hatton.  Quiet back roads to Peterhead is the route, after a quick chat to Neil who was marshalling the race started at 1100.

The first two miles were slight uphill, nothing too steep.  The rest of the route was fairly flat with a couple of undulating sections but I was able to run all of it, passing a couple of runners walking the latter hills.

I crossed the line in around 1 hour 23 minutes and something seconds.  40th out of 75 starters I was pretty happy with that.

A medal, bottle of water and slices of orange were dished out at the finish line.  There were refreshments available back at registration, about 1 km walk from the finish but I had things to do so did not attend.

All in all a pleasant and well run event, hopefully they will add it to the calendar next year.

Right, I'm off, Fort William here I come.

Week ending 11th Sept - Mon 3.  Weekly total 3 miles.
Mon 3, Tues 3, Sat 7, Sun 10.  Weekly total 23 miles

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