The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Oops, I did it again.

January was going okay, nothing spectacular, mileage down on what's required for 2017 in 2017 though.  A 10 mile hill run was completed on Bennachie with plans to do more in future.  It was Tuesday night when I decided to run home from work, only 3 miles but every little helps.

It was a fine, clear night but I still needed my head torch to run on the road.  I was about half a mile out, running on the right hand side of the road, when a vehicle approached.  Rather than jump onto the verge (which is what I usually do when traffic approaches), I crossed over to the left hand side of the road.  The vehicle stopped (unknown to me this was a farmer tending to livestock) with the headlights shining and blinding my vision.  In hindsight I should have slowed to a walk, stupidly I carried on running with my vision dazzled.  My left foot hit a pothole, my leg buckled and over I went, skidding along the muddy road.  I promptly got onto my feet but there was no way I could continue, I knew something was wrong with my left foot.

In a daze I shuffled to the side of the road and sat on the verge.  I was just about to phone a work colleague when a car noticed my predicament and stopped.  Even though I was covered in mud with a bloody knee, they covered the back seat of their car and took me home.  So Kenny and Alex, thank you for the assistance it was much appreciated.

I hobbled to the shower, removing the sock exposed a huge lump and rapidly swelling ankle.  Once cleaned up I iced the ankle (I'm getting familiar with this routine after just recovering my right ankle) but it continued to swell.  I would sleep then see how it was on Wednesday.

I could hardly walk, time for A & E, praying no bones were broken.  After examination and X ray I was glad to be given news of nothing broken.  I do however have ligament damage which is perceived as worse than a break, I'll take the ligament damage.

So here I am, giving the ankle RIPE, that's Rest, Ice, Pain control and Elevation - latest medical advice is not to compress.  I can't put full weight on the foot for the time being, a far cry from running the hills and trails at the weekend.

Obviously this will affect the start of my season, the D33 and Hardmoors 55 are in jeopardy, I will probably have to withdraw but I won't do it yet, I'll take it easy then see that the physio says.

Week ending 8th Jan - Mon 6, Wed 3.  Weekly total 9 miles.
Week ending 15th Jan - Wed 3, Sat 30.  Weekly total 33 miles.
Week ending 22nd Jan - Tues 3, Wed 3, Thurs 3, Sat 10.  Weekly total 19 miles.

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