The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 10 June 2012

21st week done. Taperitis.

Joint pain, stiff muscles and lethargy. Symptoms of the dreaded taper and I was suffering. This weekend I was climbing the walls, not being able to put in a big run was "dein ma heed in" as they say around these parts. The WHW race has taken over my life and the house and garden are the victims. I don't have the motivation for DIY or gardening as all my attention is on the big race.

I wanted to run the last section of the WHW today (Kinlochleven to Fort William) as for me this will be done in the dark. I was packed and prepared to do this despite a 7 hour round trip and 1 hour bus ride. When the alarm went off at half six I saw sense and didn't bother to get up, it was a foolhardy plan with no support if things went belly up.

So time to hit the hills and once again Bennachie was the training ground. I didn't take a water bottle as the run has plenty of freshwater springs.

From Rowantree car park it was straight up towards Mither Tap.

For the romantics - the story of Hosie's Well.

My first water stop on the way up.

I bypassed Mither tap and descended toward Mill Stone Hill.

Mill Stone Hill with Mither Tap in the background.

Onto the Gordon Way and my usual watering hole.

The third water stop, dark and peaty, just how I like my whiskey.

Up to Oxen Craig which was shrouded in mist.

Down to the back o Bennachie and my fourth spring of the day.

A stream flowed down the track on the way back to the car park.

A good, easy couple of hours completed which alleviated the symptoms of taperitis.
That's it now, no more long runs or hills until race day. The Hoka shoes are now broken in and will be my number one choice for the race, they are great once you get used to them.

Mp3 of the week "Touch" by Noiseworks.
Wed 6 miles  Thurs 6 miles  Sun 10 miles 2.09.48  Weekly total 22 miles.

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