The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

20th week done - A Swimming Stag

A camping weekend at Fochabers was the ideal opportunity for a couple of tapering training runs. With miles of track and trail as well as the Speyside way nearby, a couple of 2 hour runs were completed on Saturday and Sunday.

The trails are on the campsite doorstep.

 I kept to the forest tracks as the Monster Mountainbike downhill trails are off limits to walkers and runners.

Overlooking the new Fochabers bypass.

Outskirts of Fochabers through the trees.

I reached the Speyside way and followed the river through Fochabers.

Care had to be taken on this section as exposed tree roots could turn an ankle.

Soon I was running alongside the river overlooking people fly fishing.

At this point I was soaking up the atmosphere when a Deer broke cover on the opposite bank and waded in. I couldn't believe my eyes as it swam across. The river is quite wide here and it took about a minute to reach the other side. Not only are these creatures masters of the land but seem to be very strong swimmers as well. It can just be made out in the photo above.

After watching the Deer crossing it was back through Fochabers and past the cricket pitch on the way to the campsite.

On Sunday I crossed the A96 to the forest on the other side. A couple of miles uphill brought me to a memorial cairn overlooking the Moray Firth towards the Black Isle. I then ran down to a section aptly named The Winding Walks. A path is cut into the side of a small forest gorge allowing about a mile of twisting roller coaster running. It was here where I went over the right ankle once again.
The recently recovered tendons started hurting once more so I walked a few minutes cursing and swearing at my stupidity, luckily I had the forest to myself. As it didn't seem as bad as last time I decided to carry on with the run and carefully made my way to Fochabers. I reached the Spey once more and ran up river to a point called the Intake. Fochabers had Hydro electricity in the early 1900's and the Intake is where some of the river was diverted to power the scheme. I ran through the same forest tracks as the day before to return to the campsite.

So, two good sessions and a lucky escape with the ankle, probably due to the wide footprint of Hoka. I'm not sure what else to run during taper but I'll certainly have to look after the ankle.

Tues 8.74 miles 1.43.58  Thurs 6 miles  Sat 2 hours  Sun 2 hours  Weekly total approx 30 miles.

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