The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Monday, 28 May 2012

19th week done

It's hard to believe the WHW race is less than four weeks away and I am as disorganised as ever. I have yet to do planning and meet up with my running support. I still have to book accommodation at Fort William so I have it all to do in the next few weeks.

After the Cateran, both feet were blistered, just as they were after the Fling. I'll have to take measures and look after my feet during the WHW. It was Thursday before I managed to run, thanks to the use of blister plasters. I intended to run after work but stupidly forgot to take my kit bag, I had to settle for a road run once I got home instead.

The mileage was low this weekend due to two social evenings. Based in Bucksburn I did manage to do 10 miles around my childhood haunts. This was done during the hottest part of the day so I carried a large bottle of water. Brimmond Hill was my destination where the sweet smell of sun baked flora reminded me of long hot summers during the 1970's. The view over Aberdeen to the North Sea was fantastic under the clear blue sky.

Hoka Mafate shoes were worn for the 10 mile run and I'm not too sure about them. Yes, they are well cushioned and I can see this benefiting the joints but for me they seem to need a wee bit more effort to run in. I do intend using them for the WHW so I'll persevere with them for the time being. We are in Fochabers this Jubilee weekend so I am looking forward to running in the forests and on the Speyside way.

Thurs 5 miles  Sat 10.15 miles 1.48.15  Weekly total 15 miles.

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