The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 6 May 2012

16th week done

                                          Bennachie range in the distance.

After the excitement of last weekend, I was feeling a bit low on the running side of things. I always feel like this after the build up and participation in a race. It wasn't until Thursday before I was ready to run again, once the blisters on my right foot settled down. So off I trotted to Kirkhill Forest after work where I had the trails all to myself, bliss. It was a good run where I deliberately kept the milage low to aid recovery.

I just couldn't muster up enthusiasm for the two longish runs this weekend, probably due to last weekends stunning scenery. On Saturday I couldn't be bothered driving to the hills or trails opting instead to run from home. I didn't even have a route planned, I just went out the door and ran the coutry roads in a general direction. I took my camera to break up what I thought would be a monotonous run. I also had podcasts 14 and 15 to listen to (the Debs interview was excellent), so this would help pass the time.

                                                 Plenty of these in the North East.

                                         Some of the locals.

                                         Spot the turbine.

                                                   Back road to New Deer.

                                         I particularly liked this section.

                                                   The Culsh Monument.
                                         My house in the distance.

This turned out to be a better session than I expected. About 8 miles from home I came accross a hedgehog by the side of the road. It looked dead but when I gave it a nudge with my foot it moved. The poor thing had obviously been hit or run over so I decided to come back and get it after my run. On my return leg the weather closed in and I had to run through a blizzard, in May! After a quick shower my daughter and I went to collect the little casualty and took it to a small animal sanctuary in New Deer.

I didn't want to do road running two days in a row so took a short drive to the Braes of Gight. Once again I decided to break up the run by taking pictures. My left knee started hurting a bit so I toyed with the idea of cutting the run short. Luckily it eased off so I could run to Methlck and back.

                                         Ythan valley.


                                         Squirrel bridge.

                                         Methlick church ruin.

                                         Missing foot bridge

I intended crossing the Ythan at Methlick and continuing down the other side of the river. Only one problem with this, no bridge! It's been a couple of years since I was last here and it's surprising how things change.
This was the end of the road so I tucked into cold beans and sausages before heading back the way I came.

                                         Methlick cricket pitch.

                                         River Ythan.

                                                   Spot the turbines.

So all in all not too bad a week getting back into the swing of things. After the disasterous fuelling strategy at the fling I must be able to take carbohydrates on board. Cold beans and sausages went down particularly well this weekend so looks like this could be on the menu at the whw race.

Good news this week, I am in the Cateran Ultra on May the 19th. The bad news? No room at the inn. Being a late entrant means the hotel is fully booked. As the coach (Mrs) and I have a night out on Friday the 18th I will have to get up early and drive to Spittal for race start. I was hoping to stay Saturday night after the race but it looks like I'll end up driving home.

All going well, this coming week will be the highest milage of my training programme.

Thurs 6 miles 1.01.29  Sat 22 miles 3.45.51  Sun 10 miles  Weekly total 38 miles.

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