The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 13 May 2012

17th week

So much for for the high milage I was hoping to complete this week. I now have a niggling pain down the inside of the left ankle. This didn't gradually appear. Wednesday it was fine, Thursday when I got up it felt uncomfortable to walk on. I thought this would be something I could shake off quite easily as my left leg is the strongest which never suffers from injury or joint pain. On Thursday evening I did 5 road miles which were fine as the ankle was okay once warmed up, it's the day after when things are not quite right.

With Friday being a rest day, I thought I could recover enough and still put in the long runs planned for this weekend. I got up on Saturday morning and stubbornly put my running kit on knowing full well this wouldn't do the ankle much good, I hate missing training runs. At breakfast I switched on the laptop and consulted doctor Google for some advice. Realising this is somethng I wouldn't be able to run through or shake off while training, all running was begrudgingly called off.

I think it's medial ankle pain with posterior tibial tendonitis by the looks of it (hows that for a self diagnosis). I took out the ibuprofen, ice pack, support bandage and sulked for a good while. Mulling it over I think two things contributed to this, not taking enough recovery time after the fling and putting in two harder than usual 8 mile training sessions offroad at the Braes.

It wasn't all bad news though, not running meant quality family time where we took Murphy out for a three mile walk. Today was a tidy up in the garden, doing chores I wouldn't normally have the time or energy for after a long run. It took a lot of will power to resist going for even a short run today.

The Cateran is looking doubtful this weekend although I am hoping the ankle recovers so I can take part. The plan will be a couple of short test runs on Tuesday and Thursday, then I will make the decision.

With June 23rd fast approaching I would like to recce the second half of the WHW. My weekends are busy so depending how training goes, I might take a day off work to fit this in.

All this is a reminder how fast things can change, from training going swimmingly well to everything being up in the air. I need to shake off this ankle niggle and take things easy in the run up to June.

Tues 8 miles  Wed 8 miles  Thurs 5 miles  Weekly total 21 miles.

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