The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Made Of Sterner Stuff

Bleary eyed I switched off the alarm, three fifteen, a crazy time to get up for work considering I didn't start till nine. I needed to give myself plenty of time to run the marathon distance to work so left the house at four o'clock. Sounds familiar? Not being happy with my run into work the week before, I did it again on Friday morning. This time there was a cold brisk easterly wind to contend with. My legs were tired and I took a long time to warm up and settle into the run.

Fuel for the trip this time was one banana and dried mango. Pod casts from the WHW website and Marathon Talk kept me occupied for a few hours. Five miles from Ellon the road was illuminated by a car which drew up alongside and stopped. The driver gestured for me to open the door, which warily I did as it was 0530 and the middle of nowhere. The conversation went -

Driver - Do you want a lift?
Me - No, but thanks for the offer.
Driver - You sure? I'm going to Ellon.
Me - I'm sure, I'm training and running to work.
Driver - To Ellon? (look of surprise in his face)
Me - Nah, Aberdeen. But thanks anyway.

There was a look of confusion on the poor drivers face as I closed the door and continued along the road.

I reached the river Ythan at the same time as the previous Friday which was not bad considering the stiff breeze encountered. Two bites of banana, bin the rest and a bit of dried mango, I don't like fruit.

Now they say lightning doesn't strike twice but on this next stretch towards Udny Station I began to get stomach cramps, I was devastated and not prepared to go through the same discomfort as last week. I'll spare readers the details.

After Newmachar tiredness moved in, the pod casts ended and I put on music which kept me running and prevented walking. In fact, once the music came on I was stripped back, exposed and quite emotional as I approached Dyce. Crikey, what is this ultra running about? Fifteen minutes, that's all I improved on my previous run to work. I'll have to do it again and bring the time down.

It's nearly time for the D33, the first SUMS race of the season and in my opinion Aberdeens premier race. Tactics? I'm really not sure. Last year I decided on 10 minute miles and succeeded, dare I try faster or do I treat it as a training run and get the miles in? I just don't know at this stage.

That's enough rambling for now which brings me to the title I've given to to this blog. It's for two people who are having a pretty tough time at the moment, if they read this blog they'll know I'm thinking about them.

Tues 4 miles Wed 8 miles Thurs 4 miles Fri 26 miles Sat 11 miles Sun 5 miles  Weekly total 58 miles.

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