The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 31 March 2013


There's been a distinct lack of hill training for me this year, I can't remember when I was last on the hills. This week was no exception and it was back to the F & B Way, sounds like swearing doesn't it. The only time I can fit the long weekly session in is running to or from work, leaving the weekend free for chores and quality family time. This requires a bit of planning, leaving vehicles either at home or work and sometimes catching the bus to Fyvie where Lynne can pick me up.

So I left Dyce once more on Friday evening at six o'clock. Fuel taken for this run was a banana (two bites and bin it) and a Tillys vanilla fudge bar. I wasn't exactly full of energy this time, the legs felt a bit tired but I managed to keep a good pace going. It was a fine evening and I tuned into the latest two excellent WHW podcasts which helped pass the time. Two or three runners were on the track between Newmachar and Udny Station then I had the place to myself. It got dark before I reached Ellon, my half way point to New Deer. It's mostly up from Ellon, a gradual ascent till reaching Drumwhindle and onto the side roads.

I was on an uphill stretch of road when I heard the sound of a car accelerating hard behind me, even through the headphones. I'm going to have to get off the road I thought to myself, I can't risk getting run over even though I am wearing high viz clothing. I stepped over to the side of the road and went over my ankle, the same weak one I keep going over. I scrambled onto the verge as two cars passed at speed and cursed at the unfortunate circumstances. If I had a stinger I would have flung it across the road. I wonder if you get them lightweight and portable?

Once quiet I stepped onto the road and walked for a bit to assess the ankle. It seemed to settle down so I gingerly carried on with the run. Half a mile on another car approached from behind, as I turned to check it out the same foot hit a pothole, once again I had to scramble over to the side to nurse my ankle. I couldn't believe I went over it twice within half a mile.

I had a choice now, call Lynne to get a lift or carry on for the last nine miles home. I chose the latter, partly through being stubborn and partly because I knew Lynne would be drinking Vino by now.
I managed to "run through it" as they say and got home completing the marathon distance in 4 hours 20 minutes.

My ankle has been okay over the weekend, as long as I keep it on the flat but I have missed a 15 mile run I was supposed to do on Saturday. I was contemplating running into work tomorrow morning, in fact I still am as I type this on Sunday night. Common sense says give the foot a rest but the stubborn streak has a habit of winning these sort of battles, Coach has just given me the look. I'm going to take the rest.

A bit off topic now - last year Skye announced she was going vegetarian. It's a sure sign your kids are growing up when they take such decisions, one I was secretly proud of. Skye has been meat free for over a year now although I'm glad she still likes and eats fish, a Pescatarian I think. Skye and I have have made a pact, if I go Pescatarian for one month she will run at least three times a week culminating with a 5k run.

Mon 4 miles Tues 12 miles Wed 2 miles Thurs 4 miles Fri 26 miles  Weekly total 48 miles.

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