The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Friday, 12 April 2013

Moray Coast

A hacking chesty cough brought the training to an abrupt halt recently. I only just completed a 12 mile run on Tuesday 02nd of April then had to take some time off training.

It was time to get out again so a family trip to Bennachie on Wednesday was perfect. I introduced Lynne and Skye to the joys of trail running on the Gordon Way, something I'm sure they both enjoyed.

Today I needed to get some higher mileage in and decided to run from my house to the sea. I had a choice of destinations and set off for a place on the east coast called "The Cut". This is a beautiful deserted stretch of beach between Rattery Head and St Combs. I decided to make my way to the disused railway track at Strichen as I wasn't entirely sure which route to take. The roads were very busy so after 8 miles of hopping on and off the verges to avoid the traffic it was bliss to reach the peace and solitude of the track. In fact it was so quiet I didn't want to leave it and ended up running all the way to Fraserburgh.

The track skirts round Mormond Hill where a quartz stag can be seen.

The end of the line, Fraserburgh beach. My watch showed 20 miles but my run today was just about to begin. I walked past the harbour eating my cheese sandwiches and made my way to the Lighthouse Museum. I did take a few pictures but realised on downloading them the lens was fogged up. In fact I disappointingly had to delete a few pictures from my run today because of this problem and blame it on the iphone arm band holder. I stopped at a shop and bought a chocolate milk shake which was scoffed in no time. I also bought a Powerade as I was running low on juice, then it was time to hit the Moray Coast.

Now this doesn't have the best of starts, a flat run by the coast which is strewn with every bit of litter imaginable, it really is a shame. There is a pavement all the way to Sandhaven then on to Rosehearty but this is a fast road where traffic passes by at speed. It was here where I had a wee bit of a low point and started to sweat, it was pouring off my head despite being a cool day. I contemplated calling Coach to pick me up  but managed to recover enough to carry on. After Rosehearty the road turns inland away from the coast for a few miles. It's a roller coaster road so good hill training which I have been missing lately.
I ran through a grass field toward Aberdour beach which looked stunning in the late afternoon sun.

Aberdour beach was 30 miles into the run where I was completely out of fluids

There is a well at the beach but I just didn't fancy it. I knew I was approaching another watering hole just along the coast so decided to hang on for a while.

Pennan, world famous from the film Local Hero, and yes it does have an Inn where I couldn't resist a couple of pints in the sunshine. Its a small world, I got chatting to a couple who will be supporting a runner in the Fling no less! It was time to call International Rescue but I had to walk a mile uphill first to get a signal.

Mormond hill from the north, just before Lynne picked me up after 38 miles running. A fish supper from New Pitsligo on the way home finished off a great day out.

Mon 01st April 04 miles  Tues 02nd April 12 miles  Weekly total 16 miles.
Wed 05 miles Friday 38 miles  Weekly total 43 miles.

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