The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Time for the Fling.

With eight miles to do in the afternoon I ran first with Lynne and Skye then continued on my own.  I wasn't feeling too great and had nothing in the tank.  I turned round and headed back home intending to call it a day after four miles but then thought better of it.  I was sweating a lot and felt exhausted but continued past my house to carry on with the run, good training for the end of ultras was my thinking.  I didn't want to enter Fling week on a negative either, so it was important I completed the distance.  I'm already on the back foot due to lack of hill training and lower mileage caused by a chest cold, I've got a feeling the Fling will find me out.

Mon 03 miles Tues 03 miles Thurs 08 miles Sat 10 miles Sun 08 miles  Weekly total 32 miles.


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