The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Monday, 6 May 2013

100m sprints, a 34 year gap.

Keeping up and encouraging Skye's interest in running has been a struggle lately, that is until she came home from school and announced the class was doing athletics. She really enjoyed the 100 mtr sprints so I was dragged out to the country road where a rough 100 mtr stretch was measured.

As the photo shows, this 100 mtr stretch wasn't exactly straight and it had a wee bit of an incline. What I thought was going to be a bit of fun turned into a deadly duel. The last time I did 100 mtrs was when I was 12 years old and to say running flat out in a race was a shock to the muscles is an understatement. Skye took great delight in beating her Dad at running, so I had to resort to the tactic of barging, pushing and shoving.
On a serious note though, my legs were still recovering from the Fling and I had to beware of muscle strains, well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Saturday was an early 0330 departure for Glencoe, I had my first meeting with the Glee Club which would depart for Fort William at 0800.

I've always been fascinated by Loch laggan and it's Dam so I stopped on the way to take some early morning pictures. The moody sky was a sign of things to come. We arrived with 15 minutes to spare where I  immediately bumped into Stan who introduced me to the rest of the club. The runners left at eight sharp while Lynne and Skye made for Fort William and some retail therapy. The nickname for today's jaunt was "Beat the Bus", everyone had a ticket for the 1400 bus returning to Glencoe.

The day was bright as we started for the "Devils", I was really looking forward to the descent into Kinlochleven and seeing it in daylight for the first time.

The snow capped mountains were spectacular and very picturesque. A quick egg sandwich at the top of "Devils" and it was onward and downward.

We ran straight through Kinlochleven then began the long climb to Lairig Mor.

Kinlochlaven was bathed in sunlight while the weather moved in all around. We were passed by scrambler motorbikes on the way up, revving engines and fumes are the last thing you expect on the hills but they were polite and said thanks as they rode by.

Rain driven by a wicked northerly wind greeted us on Lairig where it was difficult to break into a run, walking made more progress. Then, we seemed to turn a corner and it was behind and pushing us along, very strange conditions.

I find the landscape at Lundavra a bit mysterious.

I really enjoyed the last part of the run where I was in much better shape than June last year. I'm glad to report that everyone caught the bus back to Glencoe, leaving me and the family to enjoy an overnight stay in Fort William.

Thank you to Jenni, Jo, Karen, Lorna and Stan for making me most welcome.

Tues 1 mile Thurs 1 mile Sat 26 miles Sun 04 miles  Weekly total 32 miles.


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