The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Rain in the Summertime

Time for another quick update as I am still packing for the race this weekend.

I've deliberately kept the miles low for the past couple of weeks to shake off the niggle I was experiencing with my hip and I think it has worked. This also helped to make sure I tapered properly and didn't do too much training leading up to the WHW race.

A change of accommodation for tomorrow night, we will be using Balmaha as a Friday night base, this means Coach and Skye can see me off at 0100 before returning to Balmaha and getting some rest. Then they can pop out to the car park as I run through the first compulsory checkpoint then return to the room for some more rest. Well that's the plan anyway.

I need to thank my support in advance as the lead up the this weekend has been a bit hectic for all.

Thanks as ever to Lynne and Skye.
My parents for making the long journey once again.
To Philip for being my support runner.
And possibly to Kevin who might have to step in last minute.

With long periods of rain forecast this weekend there has been one song bouncing round my head all week, it just won't go away - Rain in the Summertime by The Alarm - very appropriate.

Good luck to everyone running the race and their support this weekend.

Mon 3 miles Wed 3 miles Fri 3 miles Sat 12 miles Sun 4 miles  Weekly total 25 miles.

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