The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Friday, 7 June 2013


Thought I'd better update my diary tonight as my posting seems to be as sporadic as my running. After the Cateran I lost my running mojo, with the usual low after a major event. I couldn't muster any high mile training until last weekend.

I decided on two 22 milers, back to back. Same route each run, one of my favourites, taking in the Braes.
Saturdays run went fine, I didn't take things too seriously with plenty of breaks and walking the uphills.

Sundays run didn't quite go to plan. It started good enough, with a lot more running and effort put in than the previous day. After clearing the Braes I was on the road, homeward bound when I started to have problems with my hip. I never get problems with my hips. It became rather uncomfortable to run, and when I slowed to a walking pace it never improved. With five miles to go I had two choices - stubbornly continue with the problem and finish the run (my usual choice) or listen to my body and call international rescue.
I did the latter and called Lynne for a lift home. With three weeks till the big race I'm sure I made the right decision, although I don't like chucking in the towel!

I'm not sure what brought this on, but these runs were mostly on road, maybe a mixture of pounding and the camber of the road. It's now a niggle in my mind, if this problem appears on race day it's highly likely to be a DNF, something I'm not familiar with.

I did three miles on Wednesday with some trepidation. The hip seemed fine so I did eight miles tonight at the Braes, and once again it seems okay. I'm typing this up on a Friday night as I don't intend doing any more running this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to dust off the bikes and go cycling with Skye.
Sunday I intend having a family hill walk up Bennachie, although Lynne and Skye don't know it yet.

I forgot to list my mileage on the last post, so I've got quite a bit to catch up on -

Cateran week - Weekly total 63 miles.
Post Cateran week - Weekly total 14 miles.
Last week - Weekly total 47 miles.
Wed 3 miles  Fri 8 miles   Weekly total 11 miles.

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