The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Monday, 16 June 2014

Bumbling Along

It's been a busy few weeks, hence the lack of posts.  My training program is a thing of the past, I now find myself running only two or three times a week.  I've too much to do at the weekends, long runs are now mid week, usually the marathon distance run home from work.  This is the summer bumble for me, never sure how many miles to put in to keep fit enough for ultras, I need the structure of a training program.

It was on one such run home where I tried some free samples from Chia Charge.  The raspberry drink mix was delicious and refreshing, the chia seeds turned soft in the water bottle and were easy to drink.  Half way home I devoured the flap jack which contains sea salt.  I really enjoyed the flavour and texture of the flap jack so I ordered some supplies from Hopefully I have found some good fuel for future long training runs and races.

It's almost time for The West Highland Way Race and a last minute call up will see me marshalling at Bienglas Farm.  This will be my first time marshalling so I'm a wee bit nervous but look forward to helping out.  The advantage of this checkpoint is it closes at 1300 leaving me free to be a support runner if required.
So far I'm not supporting but I can't think of a better place to be at midnight on the longest day than the top of Devils Staircase, it would bring back memories of my first WHW race in 2012.

This is a special weekend, for runners, for support, for family, for friends, for organisers, for marshals and rescue teams.  A race where strangers are willing to chip in and assist where required, to help participants reach their goal and realise their dreams .  Running long distance is a team effort where we are all in it together, appreciated from the sharp end of the field to the rear, good luck to everyone running this iconic trail race.

Week ending 01st June - Tues 26, Sat 12, Sun 03.  Weekly total 41 miles.
Week ending 08th June - Tues 03, Wed 17, Sat 12.  Weekly total 32 miles.
Week ending 15th June - Wed 26, Sun 08.  Weekly total 34 miles.          

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