The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Post Cateran

I'm not sulking, honest.  No phone line or internet for almost a week has caused this late post.  I've had more time to mull over my Cateran DNF.  I suppose it's only natural to wonder why I pulled out at 60 miles and question why I didn't give it a better shot.  I'm still analysing where the wheels came off.

Looking back, I think it was predominantly fuel.  I stopped eating anything substantial after Blairgowrie and relied mostly on milk shakes and red cola till the Spittal.  This meant a drop in energy and pace, particularly between Dalnaglar and the hotel.  I then missed the 55 race start and required 30 minutes to refuel and recover before hitting the empty trail. This put me on the back foot, it wasn't long before negative thoughts crept in, slowly at first then completely smothering my will to continue.

I now regret pulling out at Dalnaglar, wishing I had the guts to continue to at least the next checkpoint at Glenisla.  I had tactics which I should have used, tactics which I was intending to use at the end of the race.  Mainly music, I should have plugged in the earphones and let music take over.  It would have been good to catch up with the main race and participate in the checkpoint parties but it wasn't to be. The words of a checkpoint marshal at the after party has stuck with me " no-one is allowed to pull out at my checkpoints unless they're injured".  I'm going to take these words into future races and recite them if the negative attitude returns.

Speaking of future races, every cloud has a silver lining.  I've got a place in the Great Glen Ultra.  This was off my radar until several runners mentioned the race was still open with places available.  Time to study and possibly recce the race route.

Sat 12, Sun 8.  Weekly total 20 miles.  


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