The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 20 July 2014


If entering your first foreign race during a family holiday, do not -

Hit the Mediterranean beach on the first day and burn the soles of your feet on the hot sand.
Do a 3 mile run on the beach and blister under your toes, despite completing 4 miles earlier in the day.
Walk around in flip flops next day without dressing or treating blisters.
Hobble around on your heals the day after and realise your race is in jeopardy.
Do a desperate attempt to treat the raw skin with compeed plasters.
Enter and pay for the race anyway convincing yourself all will be fine and the feet will recover.
Find out after entering a medical certificate is a requirement (which was wavered after sending an e-mail).
Do an uncomfortable test run in compeeds 2 days before the race and still believe all will be fine.
Have all family members plan their holiday around your race on the Sunday.
Realise the evening before the race you don't have some mandatory kit and have your family search for a foil blanket and whistle on a Saturday night.
Arrange early transport on race day for the 0700 registration.
After having breakfast and packing, doing one last test run before deciding your feet are burning and probably won't be able to survive a 22 mile mountain run in 30 degree heat.
Go back to your bed in a sulk after waking half the house getting ready.
Send an e-mail to the organisers appologising for the no show.

Tues 7, Fri 2.  Weekly total 9 miles.


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