The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Monday, 18 August 2014


Thought I'd better pick up the laptop and blow the dust off my diary, a bit like my running really.  Once again I've struggled to keep going through the summer months.  After the disappointment of missing my holiday race, the feet recovered enough to do a 14 mile run to Naudech, a couple of days before returning home.  It was a small consolidation and a fraction of the miles I intended putting in on holiday.

Things didn't improve once home, an ankle niggle meant a zero mile week and serious loss of motivation.
The Post Fling training run and BBQ came along just in time.  Seven circuits of a really nice three mile course was just what was needed, that and a few social drinks in great company.

The low miles have returned though, and this just before my next race - The Speyside Way.  I'm not expecting a great race with so few miles done in training, think I'll dump the watch and run by feel again.

Just two weeks after Speyside is the G24 and to be honest I'm not too sure of this one.  This was supposed to be a more relaxed time for support crew but a clash in dates means I'll be doing this alone.  I've only just realised accommodation will have to be booked after the race, I won't be fit to drive home after running 24 hours.

It's been a sad day for my favourite race, the Spittal of Glenshee Hotel has burnt down.  This has been Cateran Ultra headquarters for a long time.  The best ultra race finish is no more.  Good luck to Karen the RD in finding another race venue and keeping the Cateran Ultra going,  I'll be there whatever the arrangement.

I've not forgotten about my East to West challenge.  I am running out of time to do it this year.  I've been thinking of attempting it in October, but with only around 12 hours daylight available this could be a tall order.  On the flip side, Autumn is my favourite season and where better to experience fall than the forests of Speyside.

Week ending 27th July - Tues 5, Thurs 5, Sat 14. Weekly total 24 miles.
Week ending 03rd Aug - 0 miles.
Week ending 10th Aug - Mon 4, Tues 4, Wed 4, Thurs 4, Sat 21. Weekly total 37 miles.
Tues 3, Thurs 3, Sun 3.  Weekly total 9 miles.

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