The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Grim Run

The Fraserburgh half marathon is usually my last event of the season, but not this year.  A phone call from a running colleague informed me the race was full with 300 entrants and not taking entries on the day.  It shows how popular running has become when my local half marathon is oversubscribed and needs a waiting list.  I always enter this race on the day so it looks like this won't be an option in future.

I wasn't too bothered missing the race, it meant I could enjoy a Saturday night out.  I still intended a run of sorts on Sunday and had a plan.  I would park my car at work colleagues house on the Saturday night, approximately 16 miles from my house.  This would force me to run and collect the car on Sunday.

Sunday arrived, the weather was not looking too great and I was stiff and sore from chopping wood the previous day.  Afternoon TV in front of the log stove beckoned but I forced myself to get ready and run.

My WHW hi viz top, shorts, buff, bottle of water, phone and last minute grab of a head torch and I went on my merry way, well, not so merry.

It never ceases to amaze how quickly I seem to lose fitness.  Distances that would normally be chewed up and spat out become big challenges.  On this outing I felt clumsy and sore with no rhythm and a core that felt like jelly.  Being out of shape (in more ways than one) also affected me mentally so this run quickly became a bit of a slog.

The rain moved in before I reached Ellon, I didn't bother taking a jacket and it didn't take long to get soaked, I had to keep the pace up to try and keep warm.  I crossed the Ythan cold, wet and miserable just as the street lights came on.  Not long to go I thought to myself, a few miles of track then some road running.

It was dark when I turned onto the road, just as well I took the head torch.  Traffic was busier than I anticipated.  It was a fast road where I took no chances, as soon as vehicles approached I jumped onto the verge till all was clear. On a night like that even a head torch and hi viz clothing wasn't enough to alert drivers of my presence.

Achilles pain, the tendon stiffened up and made me struggle.  This was all I needed, hobbling along a busy main road avoiding traffic in the dark.  I was relieved to reach the farm track where my car was parked.

I must have been some sight as I knocked on the door.  Soaked through with blood running down my top from a bleeding nipple I collected my keys.  Job done, an 18 mile run completed as I drove home with the heater on full blast.

Week ending 9th Nov - Mon 3, Tues 3, Wed 3, Fri 3.  Weekly total 12 miles.
Tues 3, Wed 3, Sun 18.  Weekly total 24 miles.


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