The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Marcothon to the rescue

Plans for the early part of 2015 are exactly the same as 2014.  I'll be starting the season off with the D33 in March, the entry opens on New Years day for this one.  I have entered the Fling for April then it's time for another crack at the DC110 for May.  After this I'm going to do my coast to coast challenge in August.

I need a structured training program so this week I sourced a 100 mile training plan and entered it into my calendar, 24 weeks back from the DC110.  The training started this week so with determination and motivation it was time to put lethargy to bed.  Midweek was supposed to be 4, 6, 4 miles and yes, the word supposed means I didn't hit the first weeks target.  Not a positive start to my 2015 season.  I did manage to participate in a Fling training run at the weekend which boosted the miles a bit but I'm still under for the first week.

Tomorrow sees the start of Marcothon, this will be my third year running every day in December.
It can't come soon enough and will ensure I get out and do the training.  Lynne and Skye have signed up once more so it will be a family affair, the three of us running in torchlight on the back roads, usually in fowl weather.  Hopefully I will hit my target miles this week, only time will tell.

Week ending 23rd Nov - Tues 3, Wed 3, Thurs 3, Sun 8.  Weekly total 17 miles.
Tues 2, Wed 3, Sat 24.  Weekly total 29 miles.

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