The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Good Leg Bad Leg

My latest visit to the physio involved acupuncture to the right calf, only the second time I have received this.  After the session my calf felt much better although it did stiffen up a bit over the weekend.  A second visit will be required which I'll book in the next week.

I've come to a conclusion, my right leg does not like ultra running or the training I have to undertake to participate in races.  I've had a few running related injuries over the years, mostly to my right leg, from Achilles to hip and everything in between.  Once a certain level is reached, the leg seems to feel weak and unstable at the start of training runs and takes a while to warm up.

On the trails I feel an imbalance, not fully trusting the right leg when crossing muddy slopes and using my left leg to launch when jumping over streams etc.

I've met my midweek target quite easily this week, a few days off work has helped.  This weekend will determine whether I can continue with my training plan or be forced into a plan B.

Tues 4,  Wed 4 & 4, Fri 4, Sat 10, Sun 8.  Weekly total 34 miles.


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  1. Sorry to hear about the injury woes. Been there, it sucks.

    Have you tried spreading your mileage out through the week more evenly?

    Until your leg has healed it might be a way of over stressing it in any individual run and give it and the rest of your body a consistent gentle aerobic workout. Running consistently but at lower stressful is what has turned my training around from the years of being injury prone to shrugging them off.

    Rather than back to back longer runs you could try replacing them with hill walks if these don't over stress your leg. I believe this is roughly what Andy Cole did last year to get by when recovery from injury and got by remarkable well.