The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Monday, 23 February 2015

Running Home

Tues 4, Wed 13, Thurs 6, Friday 26, Sun 7.  Weekly total 56 miles.

Last week, a few days off work allowed me to build up the midweek miles.  After three days my total was 23 with long back to back runs pencilled in for the weekend.  There was one problem though, I needed Saturday to be family time.  I had a choice, a Saturday morning session or a run home from work on Friday night.  It was a tough call to make, Saturdays run would be with a work colleague where company would make the miles pass by or Friday night, the conditions were forecast to be perfect for running.  I chose Friday, fourth running day in a row and marathon distance home.

I began to regret my choice on the Friday afternoon, I was tired and felt like cancelling the run but it was too late, stubbornness won the day.  As everyone left the office I changed into running gear, donned a back pack and left the industrial estate.

Sustenance was a bottle of juice, a bottle of coke, two packets of mini cheddars and a Chia Charge flap jack.  I intended to briefly stop at Udny Station, Ellon and Drumwhindle to eat and break up the run.

A few miles out of Dyce the moon was lying on it's back.  It was another clear starry night, this was the reason I chose to run the Friday.  The stars were out in force, winter constellations showing off their familiar shapes.  The disused railway runs through some remote farm land, with the head torch switched off and minimal light pollution I would stop and stare up at the night sky.

Mini cheddars, bit of chia and scoof of juice at Udny before heading off to Ellon.  The legs felt tired at this point with a long way to go.  I took an age to reach Ellon where I walked across the bridge and ate some more.

It's a slight incline out of Ellon, my minutes per mile was creeping up from what was already a slow run.  I slogged it out then left the disused railway track with mostly uphill road running to do.  I didn't bother having something to eat, preferring the bottle of coke which fizzed all over my gloves once opened.

Surprisingly, despite the fatigue, I slowly ran most of the uphill's but it was tough going.  Time was slipping away, there was no way I would make my target of 4.5 hours.  Tired and stiff legs meant I could not get under 10 minute miles, even on the few downhill's.  Eventually I reached home just under five hours after leaving work, 49 miles in four days had taken it's toll.

Sunday was supposed to be 15 but there was no way I was going to attempt that.  The weather was nice AM but by the time I found the motivation for a run sleet showers started.  I called the outing a recovery run and it was better than expected, a 7 mile hilly route averaging 9 minute miles.

My highest weekly total so far this year.  This next week looks like much the same, I have Friday afternoon off work so will probably do my long run then after three midweek runs and leave Saturday for quality time.  I also need to head to the hills soon as most of my training has been on road and disused railway track.  The calf muscle is still a bit tight, I'll back off if it becomes an issue.  Another physio visit this week should sort it out.        

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