The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Week 9

I mud tested the Saucony Xodus 6 Goretex trail shoes the other day.  I took them on my usual Braes training route which was drier than normal.  On the few muddy sections they performed admirably, I've forgotten how decent grip gives so much confidence, especially on side slopes.  The fit is good with no need for me to go a half or full size up from 9.  The downside is cushioning, I've gotten way too used to Hokas over the years so anything else seems bone jarring on a hard surface.
It's difficult to find a race where I can put them to good use, all races I have entered contain road sections or hard compacted trails.

Training is still not happening, this time I completed some midweek runs then completely junked the weekend outings.  My head is not in run mode, the D33 is looming and confidence is low.  There's a choice of ways to look at this, I'm either seriously under trained or well rested, I'll pretend it's the latter.

The usual calf niggle is shadowing me, unable to shake it off I've carried this coming up for two years.  I can say with certainty, there won't be any PB's for me so I'm just going to go, enjoy the race and try to finish without injury.  Hopefully, by taking part on Saturday I will get my mojo back and manage some serious training.

Tues 3, Thurs 4, Fri 3.  Weekly total 10 miles.


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