The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Week 16

Some ramblings before the Fling.  It's Thursday night and true to form I still have to get ready for this weekends ultra, the famous Highland Fling.  Skye and Lynne have other plans this weekend so I'm going solo on this event for the first time.  I am staying in Tyndrum Friday night / Saturday morning and catching the 0345 bus to Milngavie.

Mileage is well down but there's a couple of reasons for this.  Late finishes at work makes it impractical to run home, even though it's only three miles.  Lift offers from a colleague have been too convenient meaning midweek runs are down.  I've also been running with Lynne at the weekend, enjoying the company and helping increase Lynnes mileage.  On Sunday we completed 9 miles, Lynnes longest run yet.  I should have continued and put higher training miles in but I was content and called it tapering for the Fling.

Niggles - the calf is still making it's presence felt.  I didn't manage to get an appointment with the physio so I'm going to have to "wing it" as they say.  On the same leg I feel like I have shin splints, and with such low training I have no idea where that came from.

I better get ready, the forecast is cold so it looks like I'll have to be prepared and pack winter kit.

Mon 3, Tues 3, Sun 9.  Weekly total 15 miles.

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