The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Weeks 14 and 15

My Facebook news feed highlighted the More Mile R66 cushioned running shoes.  With the marketing statement saying "More Mile’s R66 Running Shoe offers superior cushioning to ensure all day distance comfort" and austerity forcing cutbacks, at £29.99 a pair I just had to give them a try.

On arrival, I was surprised just how lightweight the shoes were, to the point of being suspicious of receiving an empty shoe box through the post.  The black and white range is a good looking shoe which wouldn't be out of place wearing as an everyday trainer.  Knowing they are road shoes I was hoping they would be suitable for trail as well.  One look at the sole quashed that idea unless the surface is hard packed and dry, the tread is very shallow and a mostly smooth underside means sticking to the road.  More Mile do a trail shoe (Cheviot) which I may try in future.  

I took a chance and ordered my usual size 9 which is just bordering on being tight at the toes so I would definitely order a half or full size larger next time, particularly if they are being used as marketed for long runs.

Putting them on, the back of the shoe was very shallow.  It felt as if they may slip off my feet but they stayed in place for the duration of the run.  Although classed as superior cushioning, the sole felt very firm.  I have used them for all my 3 mile runs home from work and to be honest I would be wary of putting in high miles but may start using them for 8 to 10 mile outings.

What they will be perfect for is short breaks and holidays, the kind where luggage space is at a premium and I need a casual shoe that can double as a running shoe.

Training wise, after the Cateran runs I have trailed off a bit.  I did a Saturday night run round the outskirts of Aberdeen in foul weather, eventually finding myself on the AWPR development site at Kirkhill Forest by accident.  To say it was a mud bath is an understatement, it was very eerie passing all the earth moving machinery, sitting idle waiting for their operators to return.

I still have a niggle with my calf and with the Fling approaching a visit to the physio may be in order.

Week ending 10th April.  Mon 3, Tues 3, Thurs 3, Fri 3, Sat 19, Sun 8.  Weekly total 39 miles.
Mon 3, Tues 3, Wed 3, Thurs 3, Fri 3, Sun 8.  Weekly total 23 miles. 


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