The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Monday, 2 July 2012

In the doldrums

After completing the whw race I felt a bit low last week, the usual drop in spirits after an event has passed and consigned to history. I intended taking a couple of weeks to recover but a family weekend away made me pack the running gear, I couldn't help it. I'm glad I did as I was up early on Sunday morning and ran round the beautiful surroundings of Comrie.

I need something else to aim for, I'm not sure where or when but I definitely need to set my sights on another big race. I'll enter the Speyside Way ultra soon and take it from there.

Sunday 9 miles.


  1. Jedburgh ultra in October? Glenmore is full but have a waiting list.
    Ps. Well done on the finish :-)

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Karen. Glenmore looks like a good weekend but I can't make that one. Jedburgh is a possibility though.