The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Saturday, 18 August 2012


This was my last run in France before heading back home. The village of Serignan is a few miles from the Med and surrounded by vineyards. The Orb flows through on it's way to Valras. No hills here so a flat run following the river to Serignan Plage was on the cards. From there a three mile barefoot jaunt along the beach was completed before getting shod and heading back to Serignan.

 I departed from the square at Serignan where the market was setting up.

 Like many times during this holiday I cross the Orb.

 Sunrise over the vineyards.

 Road follows the route of the river.

 The Orb is still and quiet here, reflecting on it's journey from the mountains.

 Dingy on it's way to the coast.


 Beziers in the distance, a backdrop of the mountains where I previously ran.

 The harbour at Valras.

The Orb finally meets the Mediterranean.

 Serignan Plage on the Golfe Du Lion.

 Running on the slope at the beach can cause joint pain, particularly if running one way and not turning round. I walked back the way a few times to give the ankles a break.

 After three miles its time to turn inland and head back to Serignan.

 This is the commercial part of the beach, plenty of camping around these parts.

 Feeding time at one of the two ranches.

 Murals catch my eye by the road side on the way back.
Back at the square where the market is in full swing.

So in the space of a week I go from wine country to whiskey country, the Speyside Way Ultra.
I'm not sure where my fitness is for taking on over 36 miles as I have not put in high miles during training. When I have run it's been mostly on the hills and trails so hopefully I'll stand in good stead for this Ultra.

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