The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Wine Country

Boissezon, the Orb Valley, South France, 0600 on the 08th August. The Deer Runner has been on vacation for almost a week without putting in a decent run. Good food and red wine has made him idle in the high temperatures experienced in this region of France but this is about to change. He quietly puts on running gear, fills a two litre plastic bottle with water and pockets two brioche breads. On the doorstep is some of the most beautiful scenery he has ever run. These mountains have miles and miles of tracks snaking their way through vineyards, peaks and valleys. Today the destination is Naudech, a peak he has run in the past and where plenty of water needs to be carried.
 The trail leaving Boissezon.

Cross the road and climb a steep rocky scree slope.

 Up into vineyards and a view of the destination.

 The Deer Runners favourite part, a trail above the valley floor where the smell of pine wafts up in the heat.


 The destination, golden in the morning sunshine.

 A view of the Orb.

 The sun peaks over the mountains, its going to get hot.

 A view of where he has been, a water storage tank.

 Caroux mountain range.

 The track zig zags up towards the summit.

 The sun makes it's presence felt.

 Armstrongs footprints are directly above.

 Olargues with the bridge built by Eiffel.

 Target practise for the hunters.

 Miles of trail through the hills, this area would make a great ultra.

 The highest peak is not the most scenic, you have to double back and make your way to a rocky outcrop.


A cracking run and one of my all time favourites. Happy holidays.

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