The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Monday, 21 January 2013

Buchan and Formartine Way

Twenty miles, that was my long run on Saturday and it was quite a shock to the system. Like most of the country it was snowing so full winter kit was required. For convenience it was back to the local roads around Deershire, dodging the traffic until a few precious miles on the Buchan and Formartine disused railway line.
This was the highlight of Saturdays run where I had the countryside all to myself apart from Highland cattle between Maud and Auchnagatt.

Once again I ran out of energy on the long run and was forced into a run / walk strategy for the last few miles. Crikey, surely this has to improve. I'm switching between running too fast and walking, unable to run at a steady ultra pace. The fuel on this outing was two Aberdeen rolls topped with cheese so maybe the diet has something to do with it.

Sunday was 10 miles, again on local roads but podcast 30 helped pass the time. After this weekend I thought I was doing too much too soon (42 miles weekly total) but checking back this time last year I did 38   miles so not much difference there. The week ahead is a low mileage week which is welcome as I have a very busy weekend ahead.

Tues 4 miles Wed 4 miles Thurs 4 miles Sat 20 miles Sun 10 miles  Weekly total 42 miles.

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