The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Thursday, 10 January 2013


I'm a wee bit apprehensive, I don't feel as focused on the big race as I was this time last year. Looking back, it took a while to get onto the running programme due to injury so it felt such a relief to start getting the miles in and work towards my first WHW. Touch wood, I've got no injury niggles this time but I am just not enjoying the outings as short as they are at this time of year. I'm struggling to get into any sort of rhythm and don't feel relaxed enough to up the miles.

I need the structure of a training programme, this makes sure I get out and put the miles in so I did a quick search for a replacement of my usual plan. Unfortunately I couldn't find one that recommended short training runs and a loose reign to eat junk food, consume alcohol and lounge on the sofa watching TV. So I found one that is remarkably similar to the last one but with a wee bit more miles. I looked for an "Intermediate" training plan but couldn't find such thing during my 5 minute search, all were geared towards a first ultra.

I entered the schedule into my calender, 22nd June back to this Saturday and took a double take at the miles asked - 18 Saturday and 10 Sunday. A weekend on call with snow and ice forecast means I'm going to struggle with this. I need to start getting prepared, mentally more than physically, to take on my second West Highland Way Race.

Tues 6 miles, Wed 4 miles, Thurs 4 miles.    

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