The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 10 February 2013

City Run

Another busy weekend schedule meant an adjustment to the training program. The long run had to be done on Friday so it was time for the early morning city run before work. Getting up at 0330 was difficult but I had to be in Dyce for 0500. This hobby takes a lot of commitment, the WHW race in particular. I must get the miles in to be confident on the start line, regardless of the time of day or weather.
It was cold and dark when I set off on the run which was roughly the same route as the one blogged last April.

A bottle of juice and a banana was all I took on this jaunt. There's been a posting on Facebook regarding running on empty and whether it helps during training. I realise that most of my long runs have been done with little or no food, I really am struggling to eat enough as I never have an appetite. Sometimes I can't even face my favorite foods preferring quick (and short) sugar snacks. I've mentioned this in my blog before  
so I must get this sorted for future races.

I parked at work and ran through deserted streets toward the coast. It was dry at this point but I could tell this wasn't going to last. I reached Aberdeen harbour and the 24 hour gym where a few pristine people were on treadmills staring out the window as I passed wearing winter apparel. I was glad to be on the outside.

At the city centre I took two bites of the banana and binned the rest, I really don't like fruit. On my return leg to Dyce the wind got up and carried sleet with it. It was a dull morning where it took ages for the light to break through. At Bucksburn the traffic was nose to tail where I took great delight making faster progress than commuters trying to get to work. I had to tag a couple of miles on to take the run to 20 before reaching my workplace.

Not too bad a run if a little dull but I'm looking forward to doing long runs at the weekends again and should start hitting the hills soon.

Tues 4 miles Wed 4 miles Thurs 4 miles Fri 20 miles Sat 16 miles  Weekly total 48 miles.


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