The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Not much to report from the Deer camp this week. Wednesday night I did a very slippery 8 miles around Haddo Estate, falling on my backside four times in the first mile before giving up on the grassy trails and sticking to footpaths and roads. Snow on top of slush on top of wet grass did me no favours at all.

Saturday was 22 miles round the local roads taking in the Braes before heading back to New Deer. Another run with not enough to eat (a muller rice) and dehydration, I ran out of juice at 17 miles. On the way back a truck passed and left me with it's fumes, not the usual diesel fumes this time but the smell of chips, it was obviously fuelled by vegetable oil which added to my hunger.

Sunday was round the local roads but this time accompanied by Coach and Daughter who were doing their respective training mileage. Skye did 1.5 miles non stop which was a good result after pulling out of Marcothon with a chest infection. Hopefully Skye can get up to 3 miles in time for the WHW race where she will accompany me between Auchtertyre and Tyndrum. Lynne is now up to 4 miles in her training for the Garioch 10k. Coach did have some negative thoughts after her run, she needed reminding on how well she is doing and how far she has come in the quest to run her first 10k.

So all going well but I think I need a change of scenery for the long runs.

Tues 4 miles Wed 8 miles Thurs 4 miles Sat 22 miles Sun 12 miles  Weekly total 50 miles.

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