The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Just let the dogs run at their own pace.

Last week was recovery mileage, this was welcome as I struggled to fit in even the lower runs.
I took the opportunity to ditch all the gadgets over such short distances, even the watch.  It felt good to just get out and run, no backpack, no food and no drink.  Saturday was dull and wet enough to keep dog walkers away from the Braes, or so I thought till half way round.  I met three groups of  walkers who all kept their dogs under control and exchanged pleasantries as I ran past, this was quite refreshing.

Sunday required eight miles but the weather didn't make it easy to go out and run, even such a short distance.  Gale force winds and rain meant waiting well into the afternoon for it to settle down.  Needless to say it didn't clear up so I had to look out the wet weather gear.  I also needed to change the mind set and embrace the run.

While running is physically active, there is also the mental aspect.  If not in company or listening to the MP3 player, training time is usually thinking time.  While out in the rain I couldn't be bothered pondering over future challenges, thinking about the past or any other distraction.  I concentrated on the moment, I put my head down and watched the tarmac pass by in a blur.  My head was so far down I could see every step, every foot strike.  I was in a trance, a running trance which made the session most enjoyable during bad weather.

This week I watched Icebound, the amazing story of dogs and mushers relaying a diphtheria serum to Nome, Alaska.  This lifesaving dash was mid winter 1925 in horrendous weather and cold temperatures.  It was so bad some dogs didn't survive but the words of one musher stuck with me -
"I just let the dogs run at their own pace" and this is what I did during my trance run, I let my body run at it's own pace.  No thoughts, no time, no minutes per mile, no food, no drink.

Friday is run home from work night and the weather forecast is not looking too great.
This is going to be a trial run with clothing and kit I'm going to use on the DC.  I'll post at the weekend on how it goes.

Tues 2 Wed 4 Thurs 6 Sat 10 Sun 8.  Weekly total 30 miles.  

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