The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Monday, 24 March 2014

Chill the Soul

You've no respect, taking me on
Coming to visit, well before dawn
Now you are here, let the game begin
I'm waiting for you, come on in

A lonely trip, trail at night
Complete solitude in the fading light
I'm watching you run, sure footed and strong
I'll intervene, not before long

Look up at the stars and stare in wonder
Why are you here? They make you ponder
Feel my presence deep down inside
I'll make you want to run and hide

This is my world, cold wet and wild
Think your brave? I'll make you a child
Place the rocks so you stumble and fall
No-one will save you, no-one at all

A feeble filament to keep me at bay
Illumination keeps madness away
See all my work, look at destruction
Trees uprooted after my tantrum

Keep on going with doubt creeping up
Malevolent thoughts will soon make you stop
Stand at the gate and feel the chill
That's far enough, turn back if you will

Hear your breath and heart beat fast
Limbs reach out as you run past
You better run, you better flee
I'm right behind you full of glee

Green eyes watching, a fox you'll find
He doesn't like you or your kind
I visit him often, he knows who I am
Reach for his soul with my cold hand

The end is in sight, civilisation
Convinced I'm all imagination
What's that you say, you'll be back
I'll be waiting in the dark

Tues 6  Wed 6  Thurs 17  Sun 22.  Weekly total 51 miles.


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