The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Forced Taper

After vowing to hit the training goal of 65 miles this week the wheels fell off on Thursday.  I woke up with the dreaded flu.  The week started okay but I had an awful 12 mile run early on Wednesday morning.  I put the lethargy down to this being my first early morning run of the year but looking back I wasn't feeling bright on the Saturday either.  Needless to say, all running has been put on hold which is typical after such a beautiful sunny weekend.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit better and thought I would go out for a family cycle.  I made the mistake of thinking it would be nice, easy and not too taxing.  Even though the sun was shining I underestimated the cold, the wind chill factor in particular.  Wearing just a running top and shorts I knew I was in trouble when we all stopped for a picnic.  I was frozen, I couldn't feel my hands and feet, started shivering and couldn't wait to get home.  I took this relatively short bike ride as a warning to only resume running once fully recovered.

I'm not sure what to run before the D33 in two weeks time or when to try and slot back into the training program, I've been off the rails for a while.  I do hope to start running again on Tuesday and want to do a decent run before toeing the D33 line on March 15th.

I've had to change the date for my East to West Scotland run.  I'm still not sure how I'll use support for this, Lynne and Skye in a vehicle or booking into B & B's.  The run will now be pencilled in for June or early August.

Tues 4  Wed 12.  Weekly total 16 miles.

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