The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Knockespock Forest

This week I needed to get back on track.  Midweek miles was supposed to be 22, I made it to 20.  Thursday required 6 miles, I did 4 at lunch time, thinking the 2 could be done at the gym on the cross trainer but I just couldn't be bothered with the gym.

With 28 miles to cover on Saturday I needed an interesting hilly route, not too far from home.
The Gordon Way it was,  a trail I have blogged about plenty of times in the past.  The reason I chose this route is the remarkable similarity with the Cateran Trail.  Hills, forests, farmland, stiles, bog and a wee bit of road, this is my Cateran of the North East.  Now I know this trail is a bit short, but an out and back gives a good run of 23 miles.   To make the miles up to 28 I had to enter Knockespock Forest.  The last time I was here I hit a dead end, this time I ran some of the fire breaks which turned out to be very marshy in places.  I should have taken my Garmin and charted the run but I'll come back and do more training in this large forest in future.

I must admit I underestimated the Gordon Way, on the way back I completely ran out of energy and water.  I had to get my head down and do the miles back to the car.  I've ran out of water on this route before so there was no excuse, also 2 strawberry bake thingies and a packet of Worcester sauce crisps just wasn't sufficient for the run.  I was absolutely starving and couldn't wait to get home for something to eat.  I had to stop at my usual watering hole 3 miles from the car park, the water was peaty but still cool and refreshing. 

Physically, running has been okay this week, mentally has been a bit of a struggle.  The stress of work, family and home life is taking it's toll where I am feeling guilty for having such a selfish hobby.  High mile back to back weekend training takes a lot of commitment and it's my family that takes the brunt of this.  To mitigate the loss of quality time, I should be up and out early morning, something which I am struggling to do just now.

Next Saturday is the D33 ultra.  I don't know how I'm going to run this race or if I want to try and beat my time last year.  Sub 5 hours sounds good but I don't want the pressure.  I might run it again by feel without the use of a watch and worrying about time.

On Bennachie, not far from the finish, this tune played on my player, MP3 of the week -
One Day by Kodaline   

Tues 4, Wed 12, Thurs 4, Sat 28, Sun 8.  Weekly total 56 miles.

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