The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Quality not quantity.

Last week was supposed to be recovery week but this didn't happen due to a clash with Fling Training weekend.  During the weekend Marcus Scotney did a presentation, a thoroughly enjoyable but hurried presentation due to time constraints.  One part of the slideshow concentrated on recovery, Marcus emphasised the importance of recovery week and how crucial this is in the training program.  I listened but didn't think it would apply to me.  I have big targets to reach this year so must be able to do big miles I thought to myself.  I fully intended to stick to my program and do the miles requested but it didn't turn out that way.

I hit the midweek targets for a change and squeezed in a visit to the gym.  All was going well but a very busy weekend was looming.  With two days of home improvements and 28 / 15 miles back to back runs something had to give, and yep, it was the running.  This was knocked back even further when a late job came in which meant working Friday evening and Saturday morning.

On Saturday afternoon I finally got out and headed for Bennachie.  It was time for some proper hill running, the first in 2014.  I didn't feel too strong so decided to skirt the base first before hitting the hills.  The legs felt tired walking up the steep slopes but I needed some hill work to strengthen the muscles.  There was a cool breeze as I ran along the plateaux then headed for Mill Stone Hill and the Don View Centre.  The circular route was blocked by fallen trees which turned my run into an out and back. 

Food for this run was a "seed bar thingy" and packet of soft fruit sweets.  Earlier in the day, when I opened the food cupboard and grabbed another "seed bar thingy", the alarm bells should have rang.
The last time I consumed a "seed bar thingy" was the Fling Training run in November where I felt sick as a dog and couldn't wait to finish the run. Now, I ate another bar and immediately felt queasy.
With an hour to run before reaching the car I felt awful and began to retch.  I had the steepest climb of the day to do in a stiff cold breeze feeling sick.  It was getting late in the day and there was no one else around, which was just as well, who would want to bump into a stumbling, snotty, shivering runner on the hills.  Eventually I reached Mither Tap and stumbled downhill to the deserted car park.
To be honest, if that run was a race I would be in trouble, although I did feel a bit better once reaching the car park.

Sunday, home improvement day.  I intended running later in the afternoon once finished, the weather was perfect but I just didn't make it.  Even after supper I tried to rally and do a quick six miles but for some reason felt I needed the rest.  So maybe I should have listened to Marcus, this week should have been a recovery week.  The lower mileage might have been easier to accept if it was planned rather than influenced by fatigue.

Listening for this run were WHW podcasts, these are consistent high quality broadcasts I'd recommend for any ultra runner, I particularly enjoyed the latest featuring Fiona, Amanda and Antonia.

I'm determined to hit the 65 mile training target this week, with a night out planned on Saturday I will have to chop things around a bit.  I also have to fit in the home improvement work, my training  is becoming a struggle.  There's only one way to fit everything in - early morning runs so I can keep on track training for the challenges ahead. 

It's been a while since I've posted a MP3 download, so here's one that got me through the ropey hill run on Saturday - Shenzhou by Steven Price.

Tues 4  Wed 12  Thurs 6  Sat 13.  Weekly total 35 miles.


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