The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Wee Dip

It's not gone quite to plan this week.  A night out on Wednesday required early morning runs, or so I thought.  Midweek training demanded 4, 10 and 6 miles.  The 4 miles were easy enough, a quick run Tuesday lunchtime at work and all was well.  It fell apart when the alarm went off 0430 Wednesday morning.  With wind and rain battering off the bedroom window it was an easy cop out to turn over and click the snooze button.  It's okay I thought, I'll make up the miles Wednesday / Thursday to stay on track.  Wrong!  Another lunchtime run on Wednesday and then a heavy night out left the midweek miles at a grand total of 8.

I was on the back foot and needed to do long back to backs at the weekend.  I decided to run home from work again on Friday night.  This decision was with a bit of trepidation for two reasons -
first the foul weather forecast and second an intermittent pain in my right ankle when walking.

Once again I was kitted out in full waterproofs and on my way for the 26 mile run home.  I said on my last blog post that conditions couldn't get much worse, but I was wrong.  It was chucking it down as I ran north and did so for the whole journey.  The Buchan line was flooded, on some sections I had to run through never ending streams and deep water in the darkness.  There's not much positive highlights from this run apart from beating my previous week by 4 minutes.

Saturday - it was important for me to try and sustain the miles, despite the midweek blip.  With stiff muscles, a sore ankle and weather not much better than the night before I shuffled onto the back roads of New Deer.  This time I had the latest excellent WHW podcast which helped pass the time before heading home into a gale force wind full of hail stones.

Sunday - family time, it was a cold, windy but a beautiful walk up Bennachie.  The stroll was good for my sore muscles and the walking boots gave support for my complaining ankle.  Next scheduled run is Tuesday where I hope the ankle has recovered. 

I use a treatment for running related injuries which (touch wood) so far has not let me down.  I have a post pending on this subject which I am not quite ready to make public.  If I can hold this niggle at bay I might consider sharing my experience.

Tues 4  Wed 4  Fri 26  Sat 12 Sun 3.  Weekly total 49 miles.

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