The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Winter Run

It's been a mostly Marcothon week including a double at midnight on Christmas eve, with Lynne and Skye of course.  A sore throat and chesty cough has appeared which threatened my 20 miles today.  I almost decided on the minimum Marcothon 25 minutes before forcing myself out the door for three and a half hours.  I decided against heading for the hills, I don't have the time for driving to and from Bennachie just now.

I'm posting this earlier than usual due to a night out tonight which will put tomorrows 10 miles in jeopardy.  Anyway, here are some pictures of today's run -

A sprinkling of snow as I left for the local roads and Buchan disused railway.

Rainbows in the distance meant the weather was closing in, it wasn't long before I was running through a blizzard.

Some nice sunny spells gave good light for photography.

 Fedderate castle ruin, the night out just happens to be near here.

Onto a frozen disused railway track, the roads were sheet ice, extreme care was required.

The light caught this pony beautifully.

Ruined railway sheds are dotted along the line.  This one is made out of railway sleepers and once sheltered the fan of a certain Irish band.

Another railway shed further along, this time made out of concrete.

The tree was my last photo of the day.  The weather moved in so I pocketed the camera and got stuck into a cold and icy 6 miles back home.

I'll include tomorrows 10 mile run in my weekly total, this will make sure I get out and complete it.

Mon 2, Tues 4, Wed 6, Thurs 2, Fri 2, Sat 20, Sun 02.  Weekly total 38 miles.

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