The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Training Continues

A quick update with not much to report.  Mixing Marcothon with the training program has proved harder than I thought.  I'm slightly down on miles for last week, completing 28 miles instead of the program's 30.  Nothing to worry about but I'm determined to complete the mileage of the training program so I have confidence finishing the DC110.

It's now Christmas eve and it looks like I'll be slightly short this week once more, there's no way I'll manage the scheduled 6 mile run on Christmas day.  With 20 miles to complete on Saturday I'll head to Bennachie and the Gordon Way, weather permitting of course.

Mon 2, Tues 2, Wed 2, Thurs 2, Fri 2, Sat 10, Sun 8.  Weekly total 28 miles.

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