The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Heels of fire

After the antics of Sundays run I managed to jeopardise participation in the D33. Blistering both heels, I thought things would be fine if I carried on as normal. Wrong, by Monday afternoon it felt like someone was holding a blow torch to my heels. So much so, I was off to Boots right after work for blister plasters. These are excellent and give instant relief but at the achillies heel I could still feel discomfort when walking. Now I had a decision to make, take time off training or continue, hoping things will be okay for Saturdays race.

No time off for me, I hit the Deershire roads once more early on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The mile repeats on Wednesday were particularly tough first thing in the morning -

1) 8.21
2) 8.54
3) 7.53
4) 8.57
5) 7.41

I thought about missing out on the Kirkhill Forest run this evening, a half hearted taper before the D33 but went for it anyway. We had to take a detour past some sort of police incident in Dyce which added a half mile to the run.

I'll be running the D33 on Saturday, treating it as a training run. My aim is to try and get the pace right, keeping a steady running pace from start to finish with as little walking as possible (easier said than done).
If you are running the race and see someone sitting on the verge with their shoes and socks off it will be me, say hello as you run by.
Tues 7 miles  Wed 5.07 miles 42.41  Thurs 6.89 miles 1.03.28

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