The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Onwards and upwards.

After the high of running the D33 it was time to look forward and get some races organised. I briefly spoke to John Duncan after the race who said he was the race director of the Highland Fling. This just happened to be my next ultra target, I told John my accomodation was booked but I still had to enter the race. This is now sorted, I have entered the Fling which I last ran in 2010.

A couple of days later it was time to enter the Cateran which I planned as my last long run leading to the whw race. To my dismay the website informed me in red - 2012 RACE IS NOW FULL. "What is this?" I thought, it can't be, I entered this race late last year and there were still spaces left! Blast! Who let the cat out of the bag? Who gave away the secret? Who let everyone know that this is probably one of the friendliest and best ultra marathons going? A quick e-mail to Karen, I am now on the drop out list.

It was back to my usual routes for midweek training. The local roads and Kirkhill Forest. Tuesdays outing was bit stiff legged but I felt fine, Wednesday was 4 x mile repeats -
1) 8.29
2) 9.39
3) 8.32
4) 9.18
5) 7.55
6) 9.35
7) 7.51
The first few mile times were interrupted by photographing the stunning sun rise.

 A steady run round Kirkhill tonight completed the midweek training. I have not decided where to do the long 25 mile run on Sunday yet but I fancy taking in the coast again.
Tues 6.5 miles  Wed 7.01 miles 1.01.30  Thurs 6.21 miles 56.55.

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