The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Same old.

The sessions and routes done this week were much the same as last week.

Frosty road run early on Tuesday morning around Deershire. Perfect timing, podcast number 8 gave me something to listen to during this run. Iv'e asked my support to listen to this episode to get good advice and let themselves know what they are in for.

Mile repeats were done once more around Dyce after work on Wednesday.  An impovement -
1) 7.25
2) 9.03
3) 7.50
4) 9.17
5) 7.45
6) 9.18

Usual route around Kirkhill Forest tonight, a good session although a wee bit puffed oot running uphill. Didn't need the head torch at all tonight.

Long run this weekend is 23 miles so its back to the Gordon Way. Not sure if I'll hit the trail Saturday or Sunday, depends how the legs feel on Saturday.
Tues 7 miles  Wed 6.13 miles 55.10  Thurs 6.04 miles 57.03

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