The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mile Repeats

Once again I did not get up early enough to train on Wednesday morning so had to run after work. The programme called for 3 x mile repeats and to be truthful I have always avoided this sort of training. I would usually just plod on at my usual pace and put in the miles, not really paying attention to pace. Not this time though, I want to be as fit as possible for the whw race and feel I have done the training right before stepping up to the line. So a training session in Dyce it was, fairly flat and on tarmac to try and speed up my pace. After a warm up my splits were -

1) 8.16
2) 9.35
3) 8.38
4) 9.58
5) 8.48
6) 9.51

Hardly setting the tar on fire I know, but future Wednesday runs are now mile repeats where I will try to make improvements.

The Soleus watch is my first GPS device, I find it a real help to map out training runs and check my pace. I like how it is small enough to use as an everyday watch, only needing charged every couple of weeks or so. The only niggle is it can take a wee while to find a signal.

Another run to Kirkhill Forest after work tonight. Didn't need the head torch until half way round. A good run this time, I felt strong on the up hills and can feel the benefit of the training programme.
Tues 6.45 miles 1.00.15  Wed 6.01 miles 55.15  Thurs 6 miles. 

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